Kate Forest & The Self Care Support Team

Self Care and Mindful Living Program Facilitator

Kate ForestKate Forest, RYT is a Mindful Living and Mindful Learning Consultant, the Creator of Self Care Yoga®, and an Advanced Level Registered Yoga Teacher. Kate’s mission is to share short, simple Self Care Breaks and Mindfulness Practices that empower adults, adolescents, and children to release stress, build focus, and strengthen their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical health. She has been sharing her mindful approach to living and learning with universities, schools, families, individuals, and organizations for over seventeen years, and works closely with teachers, students, counselors, nurses, parents, support staff, and administrators to bring these self care skills and mindfulness practices to their school communities. Kate has a passion for creating and sharing skills that she practices personally, and she has extensive training in the practice of Yoga and Mindfulness, a certificate in Mindfulness in Education, and has completed The Fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching. Her programs are based on her Five Principles and Eleven Skills of Self Care and Mindful Living, and The Body, Mind, Breath Connection™. Kate believes that Self Care is World Care and World Care is Self Care™, and that when you create space in your busy life to care for yourself – even a few moments at a time – you have more energy, patience, focus, and compassion to share with others, which will have positive effects on your health, your relationships, your community, and our world.

The Self Care Support Team

melissa-sedona-trees-july-2016-2Melissa Doe, M.Ed. is a Physical Education and Health Teacher at Minnechaug Regional High School in Wilbraham MA. She has eighteen years of experience teaching, coaching, and advising at the middle and high school levels, and was the MRHS 2012 Teacher of The Year recipient. Melissa is a longtime student of Self Care Yoga® and Mindful Living and shares these teachings of social, emotional and physical health with her students, family, and community. She supports the creation of these Self Care and Mindful Living Programs with her teacher Kate Forest, and at times assists with workshops.




Nicole Santos, M.Ed. is an Early Childhood Educator in the Ludlow Public Schools and a longtime student of Self Care Yoga® and Mindful Living. She shares these teachings with her kindergarten students and has made significant contributions to the development of this work.



Many enthusiastic PK-12 and university level teachers, students, parents, administrators, and staff practice these skills and have shared their feedback to bring greater depth and effectiveness to this work.