Self Care Yoga®

Mindful Movement, Mindful Breathing, and Self Care Skills
for Social, Emotional and Physical Health

Self Care Yoga® is a unique style of yoga that weaves healthy movement and breathing with mindfulness and social emotional learning to release stress, focus the mind, soothe emotions, strengthen and calm the body, and promote kindness toward oneself, others, and our world. Self Care Yoga® is a non-competitive kindhearted approach to yoga with a focus on self care and self-awareness. There are postures of varying degrees of effort and ease that build strength, confidence, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and relaxation skills. Postures can be adapted to all levels of fitness and flexibility. The principles and skills taught in each Self Care Yoga® sequence are woven through the entire lesson and then given to students to practice outside of class.


Attending Self Care Yoga® Programs can help you to:

  • ease physical, mental, and emotional stress and discomfort
  • build balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and strength
  • build confidence, resilience, character, compassion, and empathy
  • develop greater ability to sustain clear thinking and focused attention
  • use self-inquiry to seek balance in your many roles and responsibilities
  • bring awareness and greater impulse control to your actions, reactions, and social interactions
  • empower yourself to make more healing choices
  • take actions to bring Self Care and World Care into your life



Self Care Yoga® Class Levels*

Extra Gentle Self Care Chair Yoga®  – This class is for those wanting, or needing to be Extra Gentle with themselves. See above note.

Gentle Self Care Yoga® – This class is appropriate for beginners and continuing yoga students with mild inflexibility and physical discomfort, or in full health and just wanting to be gentle with themselves.

Intermediate/Gentle Self Care Yoga® – This class is slightly more of a challenge than Level 2 Gentle Yoga, but still accessible to beginners in good health, with no injuries, and the ability to follow clear instructions with ease. We hold the postures longer and introduce a greater variety of Self Care Yoga® postures into this class.

*If you are working with excessive inflexibility, chronic pain, balance issues, or difficulty following instructions, please begin with Extra Gentle Self Care Chair Yoga® or with Personal Yoga Coaching Sessions.








Self Care Yoga® Offerings

  • On-Site Weekly Self Care Yoga® Classes for Children, Teens and Adults
  • Self Care Yoga® & Mindful Living Professional Development for P.E. Teachers
  • Self Care Yoga® Gatherings/Retreats
  • Personal Self Care Yoga® Coaching
  • Public Self Care Yoga® Class Schedule



Women in Water

On-Site Weekly Self Care Yoga® Classes for Children, Teens and Adults

Practicing weekly Self Care Yoga® classes together can help your team to reduce the daily effects of job and/or school stress, ease physical tension and body aches, and increase strength, flexibility, focus, and energy. People feel engaged and valued, as well physically, mentally and emotionally healthier. One of The Five Principles of Self Care and Mindful Living is shared in each class to help your team improve their interpersonal relationships, better support themselves and others, and to practice Self Care outside of class.




Self Care Yoga® & Mindful Living Professional Development
for Physical Education Teachers*

In this program you will:

  • learn the foundational common language and skill set of The Body, Mind, Breath Connection™ to develop healthy habits of body and mind.
  • receive a Self Care Yoga® and Mindful Living Teaching Guide with short, simple Self Care Yoga® sequences, Self Care Breathing Breaks, Mindful Living Practices, and Teaching Skills that you can integrate into your existing curriculum or combine to teach as full-length classes.
  • gain mindfulness skills to practice in your own life and share with your students
  • experience each mindfulness practice as a student
  • collaborate and practice-teach these skills with your peers
  • renew yourself and your teaching practice

*This is a 40-hour professional development program open to Physical Education Teachers and Certified Yoga Teachers with at least  200 hours of training who want to integrate the philosophy and foundations of Self Care Yoga® into their classes.  Each participant will receive a Self Care Yoga® and Mindful Living Teaching Guide. Follow-up SYTS  (Strengthen Your Teaching Skills) Coaching Sessions are suggested.


Self Care Yoga

Self Care Yoga® Gathering for Women
with Kate Forest, RYT & Melissa Doe, M.Ed.

December 10, 2016
Saturday 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Genesis Spiritual Life Center 53 Mill St. Westfield MA 01085
Cost: $35.00
To register call Kate at (413) 596-5962, or email

Give yourself permission to pause, breathe, and connect to the moment as we share time in meaningful connection with warmhearted women. Practice short, simple skills to release stress, rest your mind, soothe your emotions, and renew your body. Join us for a day of intentional rest, self-compassion, and time for you. Gentle Self Care Yoga®. Mindfulness Practices. Breathing Breaks. Moments of Meditation and Creation.  Journal Reflections. Soothing Sounds of Crystal Bowls. Please bring a yoga mat and blanket and refrain from wearing scented products as many people are allergic to fragrance. Open to beginners and experienced practitioners of all fitness levels.



Self Care Yoga® Personal Coaching Sessions

Self Care Yoga® Coaching is a co-creative process built around The Five Principles of Self Care and Mindful Living. Together we create a curriculum tailored to meet your specific physical needs, life-style needs and available time needs. The majority of our time each session will be spent practicing four to six Self Care Yoga® postures, with their appropriate variations, Self Care Breathing Breaks to get them into your body’s memory. You will learn practical and simple ways to integrate the Mindful Living Practices into your life. Examples of Self Care Yoga® lesson plans we would co-create include:

  • Seated Yoga for Calming, Healing and Stress Release
  • Standing Yoga to Stretch, Expand and Balance
  • Restful Yoga to Renew, Release, and Relax
  • Flowing Yoga to Strengthen, Empower and Energize
  • Yoga for Flexibility and Back Care


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Public Self Care Yoga® Class Schedule