Kate Forest has been teaching Self Care Skills and Mindfulness Practices to Children, Teens, and Adults since 1999.

Kate Forest’s mission is to share short, simple Self Care Skills and Mindful Living Practices that empower children, adolescents and adults to reduce stress and anxiety, build focus, support physical health, and practice greater kindness to self and others. Through workshops, professional development, coaching programs, assemblies, and teacher trainings, participants learn to personally practice, and share with others, self care and mindfulness skills ranging from ten seconds to ten minutes. These skills can be applied at school and work, at home and play, and in all areas of life to strengthen social, emotional, cognitive and physical health. By practicing the Principles and Skills of Self Care & Mindful Living, we live, learn, teach and lead more mindfully, from a place of calm, clear connection and care.

By integrating these skills into my teaching practice I have learned to integrate a deeper and more meaningful approach to my teachings and daily life.

Margaret Reidy, M. Ed. High School Band Director and Fine Arts Chairperson

 The Body and Mind function
most effectively
when given time to...

Pause. Breathe. Move. Rest. Reflect. Create. Connect with Nature. 

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“When we integrate moments of self care into our busy days, and teach our young people and our friends to care for and comfort themselves, we all have more calmness, focused awareness, physical health, emotional balance, and compassion to share with others. This positive energy spreads to those around us and creates greater kindness, connection, empathy, and peace in our relationships, our communities, and our world.”   Kate Forest, RYT

Care for Self. Care for Others. Care for Our World.

The 5 Principles & 11 Skills
Self Care & Mindful Living™


Kindergarten 2016

Principle 1
Connect to the Moment
Skills 1 and 2
Pause and Breathe. Transition with Awareness.

Principle 2
Practice Kindness to Self, Others, and Our World
Skills 3 and 4
Notice the Good. Connect with Nature.

Principle 3
Seek Balance  in All Areas of Life
Skills 5 and 6
Apply Effort and Ease. Ask/Answer/Act.

Principle 4
Cultivate Gratitude for Life Within You and Life Around You
Skills 7 and 8
Expand Your View­­. Practice Self Care and World Care.

Principle 5
Empower Yourself and Others with Awareness and Courageous Actions
Skills 9, 10, and 11
Make Healing Choices. Develop Soft Strength.

Take Courageous Actions.